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Crowchild Energy Solution


Stage 1

The investment phase.


We need as close to $100,000,000.00 USD as possible. Crowchild Energy Corporation will issue to investors non-voting preferred shares with a nominal value of $1,000.00 USD to start this project.
It may well be the most important project ever and it could save most life on the planet. Switching from burning hydrocarbon  fuels to methane gas would drastically reduce and slowdown global warming.
Crowchild Energy Corporation will gratefully accept investments and contributions large and small.


Stage 2

Team assembly phase.


When sufficient funding is reached, Crowchild Energy Corporation will start to assemble a team composed of engineers and scientists as well as facilitators to deal with governments and native groups.
The team members will have extensive experience in the exploration, production and distribution of natural gas (methane) which will make this project a success.


Stage 3

Field work.


Field work will commence when enough funding is in place and some of the staff has been assembled. Crowchild Energy Corporation is confident that we will reach production and distribution of methane and thus reduce the rapid rate with which global warming is proceeding. 
This is a must situation if most life on the planet is to survive.
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